Jean CLUSEAU-LANAUVE   1914-1997

Untitled (abstract) by Jean CLUSEAU-LANAUVE
Jean Cluseau-Lanauve was born in the Dordogne region of France in 1914. He studied at the Ecole Nationale des Beaux-Arts in Paris, then at the Academy of Montparnasse. He served during WW2 and spent a period of captivity in Germany during which he made more than 2000 drawings. He taught graphic arts at the Ecole Estienne in Paris between 1951 - 1976.

Although he is considered a significant artist of the School of Paris, he remained inspired by the colours of his native Dordogne. His very personal style of a prismatic effect on a background of geometric lines evolved over time and demonstrate a strong fauvist and cubist influence. His paintings are vibrant and reflect an energy and love for life. A fine example of his style can be seen in the lithograph available in Gallery JKL.

His palette was enriched by his travel experiences in Tunisia, the Mediterranean and Turkey. He illustrated many books and decorated stage sets notably for the Nice Opera in 1965.

His many awards included Official Painter of the French Navy, Chevalier of Arts & Letters, the Venice Award in 1948, and Honorary President of Fine Arts in Dordogne. His works can be found in state collections and museums all over the world, including France, USA, Brazil and Japan.

Cluseau-Lanauve died in Paris in 1997.

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